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We need to get Oregonians back to work. My top priority will be protecting Oregon consumers and small businesses from illegal activity that shakes our confidence in the economy. These times call for a people’s attorney who stands up for them.


I strongly object to efforts to exploit our senior citizens and will use the office of Attorney General to crack down on identity theft, scams and fraud.  Oregon’s seniors deserve an opportunity to enjoy their retirement and shouldn’t have to worry about someone looking to take advantage of them.


One of the biggest obligations I’ll have as Attorney General is looking out for the children of Oregon. It will be my responsibility to stand up for children in the foster care system and to make sure children are getting the child support they need to thrive, and prosecute sexual predators to the fullest extent of the law.  

Reproductive Freedom

This is a big issue in this race and in the country.  We have seen the unprecedented attempts by politicians to attack women’s healthcare.  As Oregon’s Attorney General, I’ll protect the rights of women every single day.  I am 100% pro-choice and I am proud to be supported by NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon as well.

Marriage Equality

I support the rights of all Oregonians in committed, loving relationship to marry, regardless of their sexual orientation. With our current economic challenges, no one should be confronted with additional burdens to care for their loved ones.  I am honored to have the endorsement of Basic Rights Oregon.


The priorities of the next Attorney General need to be wisely using our limited tax dollars - protecting consumers and prosecuting dangerous criminals. I do not believe that prosecuting people for possessing small amounts of marijuana represents the best use of our resources. A better use of those resources is providing more treatment options for people with drug and alcohol addiction. As Attorney General, I will make marijuana enforcement a low priority, and protect the rights of medical marijuana patients. 

Death Penalty

I am personally opposed to the death penalty.  Nevertheless as a judge, I have presided over death penalty cases in a fair manner. As Attorney General, my job will be to enforce the laws of the State of Oregon, even those I personally disagree with.

Tech Crimes

Technology plays a major role in society today and that is why citizens need to be protected from the possible threats that come with it. We must protect Oregonians from criminals who would try to steal their identity and personal information online. I have presided over numerous cases involving fraud and will continue to be tough on those who would use technology to take advantage of families and small businesses in our state.

Hate Crimes and Civil Rights

Hate crimes are some of the most despicable acts imaginable. Nobody should feel targeted because of his or her race, religion, or sexual orientation. My Attorney General’s office will have a zero tolerance for hate crimes. I am also a strong advocate for civil rights and will defend the equality and dignity of all Oregonians.

Child Endangerment

Protecting children is one of my biggest priorities. As Attorney General it is my duty to defend and seek justice for the youth of Oregon. Children deserve to grow up in an environment where they can flourish. I will do what is necessary to protect children from abuse and neglect.

Domestic Violence and Child Assault

Domestic violence and assault against children are unacceptable. I have witnessed firsthand the severe pain these crimes inflict, especially when children are involved. As Attorney General, my office will prosecute domestic violence cases to the full extent of the law, and I will always fight to protect children in our state from abuse and neglect. Furthermore, I will advocate for programs in Oregon that support and protect victims of domestic violence and assault.

Financial Fraud

I have presided over numerous cases involving fraud. Credit card fraud, identity theft, mass-marketing scams, and mail and wire fraud are growing problems that threaten the livelihood of families across Oregon. They need to be stopped. Recently, mortgage fraud has caused thousands to lose their homes. My top priority will be standing up for Oregon consumers and building the toughest, most aggressive Attorney General’s office when it comes to financial fraud.

Environmental Preservation

I will always fight to protect the beautiful outdoors that make Oregon such a great place to live and work. As Attorney General, I will take on polluters that try to harm our environment. My office will also take action against anyone who threatens our clean drinking water or air. Together, we must preserve the beauty of Oregon for the next generation.