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We must defeat hate

Unchecked hatred is tearing our communities, and the world, apart.

I am saddened for the people of New Zealand and for our Muslim neighbors everywhere. No one should have to live in fear of entering their mosque, church, or synagogue.

Here in Oregon, we're taking action.

When I created the Task Force on Hate Crimes Prevention last year, it was with the intention of addressing these very real problems plaguing our community with active solutions. We set out to talk with Oregonians about how discrimination and hate were affecting their lives. Many told us they felt law enforcement responses were "insufficient." That they did not take into consideration the fears and concerns of victims.

Last week, a legislative committee heard from our Task Force members and from victims of recent hate-based conduct. I was so proud of the broad cross section of community support for our bill and thankful for those who came forward with their stories.

Our proposed bill would strengthen our hate crime laws, provide victims the support they need at such a critical time, and improve our response as a community.

We must do better. We owe it to our children, our nations, and our world.


P.S. I want to especially thank Zakir Khan, the Chair of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and Kayse Jama, Executive Director of Unite Oregon, both valued members of the Hate Crimes Prevention Task Force. They and their organizations have provided indispensable support to the community in the aftermath of New Zealand.

Posted on March 25, 2019.
Oregon is a special place. As Attorney General, I am working hard to keep it that way for future generations of Oregonians.Oregon is a special place. As Attorney General, I am working hard to keep it that way for future generations of Oregonians.

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As a prosecutor and judge, Ellen Rosenblum has spent her career fighting for and protecting the people of Oregon.

Now, as our Attorney General, she's standing up for the most vulnerable Oregonians, our seniors and diverse communities, small businesses, and all the people of Oregon.

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