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Why the People's Attorney

Ellen has dedicated her career to serving the people of Oregon. As Oregon's first woman Attorney General, she has championed progressive policies and reforms, safeguarded civil rights and fought for justice on behalf of the most vulnerable Oregonians. This is why I'm on the Rosenblum campaign, and it's why we need your help.

Ellen's commitment to holding bad actors accountable isn't just inspiring — it's effective. Chip in $11 today, and let's continue this work together.

  • Suing opioid manufacturers for promoting addiction and fostering the opioid epidemic
  • Addressing the student debt crisis by holding for-profit colleges and loan servicers accountable
  • Securing refunds for thousands of consumers each year
  • Suing corporations for dodging regulations and polluting our environment

An attorney general who stands up for the vulnerable makes a difference in every corner of a community. Ellen's track record demonstrates an unparalleled level of caring, she has:

  • Led statewide task forces to address the rise in hate crimes and labor trafficking
  • Championed legislation to end police profiling and increase accountability
  • Sued the Trump administration to protect SNAP food assistance
  • Sued the Trump administration to protect Oregon's DREAMers
  • Opposed Oregon's same-sex marriage ban; helped get it overturned in federal court

If you believe in this work, you are a critical part of this campaign: do your part and chip in $11 today.

Oregonians' health, freedoms, and environment are under attack by the Trump administration. Ellen called them out each and every time:

  • Defended the Affordable Care Act against illegal attacks
  • Led multi-state lawsuits to defend reproductive rights and keep the government out of personal health care decisions
  • Took more than 120 legal actions against the Trump administration to protect our environment

Ellen will continue fighting to make Oregon fairer and more just, and she will challenge any attempt to undo the progress we are making on the issues that matter to us all.

Join me in standing with Ellen ahead of Election Day: chip in $20 to accelerate a campaign for the people into November.

Finance Director

Posted on May 15, 2020.
Oregon is a special place. As Attorney General, I am working hard to keep it that way for future generations of Oregonians.Oregon is a special place. As Attorney General, I am working hard to keep it that way for future generations of Oregonians.

Meet Ellen

As a prosecutor and judge, Ellen Rosenblum has spent her career fighting for and protecting the people of Oregon.

Now, as our Attorney General, she's standing up for the most vulnerable Oregonians, our seniors and diverse communities, small businesses, and all the people of Oregon.

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