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Meet Ellen Rosenblum

Ellen Rosenblum has spent most of her life fighting for and protecting the people of Oregon—as a federal prosecutor, a judge, and now as our Attorney General, the first woman to hold this post in our state’s history.

Ellen works every day as the people’s attorney to defend our rights, advocate for Oregon’s most vulnerable and hold powerful actors accountable. Under Ellen’s leadership Oregon has recouped hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements from large corporations—including drug, insurance and auto companies—who have taken advantage of our students, consumers, medical patients and elders. Ellen has also modernized the Department of Justice to be fairer and more transparent to the people of Oregon.

Since the first day of the Trump presidency, Ellen has stood up to his administration time and again to defend the rights of Oregonians. She has taken more than 150 environmental actions against the administration (and counting) to protect our air, water and future; is suing in the Supreme Court to defend the Affordable Care Act, and led a multistate suit against the Trump administration’s Title X “gag rule” to protect access to reproductive care.

While Ellen has always been dedicated to serving Oregonians, progressive attorneys general across the country look up to her leadership as co-chair of the national Democratic Attorney General Association (DAGA).

But if you ask Ellen, the most important title in her life is “grandma” to grandchildren, Charlotte and Benjamin. And Ellen can’t hide her love of the Ducks—she earned both her undergraduate and law degree from the University of Oregon. Go Ducks!

Oregon is a special place. As Attorney General, I am working hard to keep it that way for future generations of Oregonians.Oregon is a special place. As Attorney General, I am working hard to keep it that way for future generations of Oregonians.

Meet Ellen

As a prosecutor and judge, Ellen Rosenblum has spent her career fighting for and protecting the people of Oregon.

Now, as our Attorney General, she's standing up for the most vulnerable Oregonians, our seniors and diverse communities, small businesses, and all the people of Oregon.

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